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someone hit her. >> why ha you decided to run for the u.s. senate? >> i don't feel our elected officials are responsive to the needs of their constituents. >> reporter: she is just 30 years old, athird-yeesh law student but running on the ticket. her campaign motto is a litel statement too. she was training for a triathalon when a driver hit her on her bike on campus way and largo early sunday morning. >> my hope is that she is 100% back to where she was when she left the house. right now, i just want to be able to lookt her and recognize her. >> reporter: recognizing her daughter again will take time. and a medical miracle. natasha suffered from multiple broken bones, a head injury, and lost a kidney in surgery. >> there was a need to resuscitate because there were
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no vital signs or signs of life. and i would like to know what would have caused someone to hit another human being on their bicycle. clearly if you don't see the person, you should have seen the bicycle. >> reporter: the driver told police, she didn't see the bike until she drove home and spotted it unher escalade. it was dark at the hour of the accident. state police continue to investite. while natasha pettygrew's mom continues to pray. >> as a single parent, this is my baby. that's all i have. definitely the stronger the prayer circle, i'm sure the quicker she ll recover. >> reporter: even though natasha has accomplished a lot in her 30 years, her dreams of running have not all been realized. news4. >> maryland state police say when they went to the scene, they learned that natasha was riding in the travel lane of the
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road. she they have do not believe she was wearing reflective clothing. we'll hear where they stand on the investigion. >> the doctor shot during that stand-off at johns hopkins hospital is now in fair condition. dr. david cohen was injured by the son of an elderly patient. 50-year-old pardus shot cohen, killed his mother then himself. dr. cohen had just given pardus news about his mother's condition. a new warning for the university of maryland community about armed robberies taking place in the cpus area. police say a man was jumped early sunday morning in the parking lot of the college park shopping kroernt route one. three men are suspected in the attack. it is the latest in a string of violent robberies. there have been six since august 8. all of them in the early morning hours. last week police arrested one suspect in the earliest incident but the crime have continued.
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>> every time i'm just shocked and it hasn't really sunk into me that this is a reality for us in this community. >> iis unfortunately not surprising because criminals have realized this is where students come through. >> the victim in yesterday's attack was not a student but several other victims attend the university. all students have been put on alert about yesterday's attack. federal workers could be facing a wo-week unpaid furlough if the republican congressman gets his way. congressman mike kauan from colorado. he said it coul save the government more than $5.5 billion. it has little chance of passing in the current congress but if republicans were to win control this fall, support for the plan could gain. kaufman's bill differs fro other gop cost-cutti measures, according to the "washington post," because it includes a 10% pay cut for lawmakers. there is word this evening that the recession is officially over and ended back in june of 2009, in fact.
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but president obama got hammered on the recovery today in a town hall down at the newseum. they wanted to know when the economy would improve for them. the answer may be the key to the outcome of the november elections. steve handelsman has our story. >> i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration. >> reporter: self-descrid obama supporters laid into him live on cnbc's town hall. >> i voted for a man whoaid he would change thing in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people and i'm waiting, sir. i'm waiting. i don't feel it yet. >> repter: the same from an outf work law school graduate. >> i want to know, is the american dream dead for me? >> absolutely not. we're moving in the right direct. >> rorter: there's more proof of that today. e economists calculated the recession ended in june 2009, recovery began 14 months ago. but not for million of us, the
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president acknowledged. >> the challenge is that the hole was so deep that a lot of people out there are still hurting. >> reporter: when a wall street ceo complained -- >> we have felt like a pinata. maybe you don't feel like you're backing us with a stick. >> reporter: the president staged a comeback. >> i think most folks on main street feel le they g beat up on. >> reporter: and he will not okay tax cuts for anthony and his friends. >> 86% of that money going to people making a million dollars or more, and lowered the deficit at the same time. i don't have the math. >> porter: but will he have the votes after november to keep steering the recovery? the president challenged his republican opponents to say how they would cut taxes and spending but not cut programs like social security. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> despite it all, the stock market continued its september
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rally today. all three indices were up. the dow rising more than 146 points to close at 10,754. the nasdaq climbing about 40 points to close at 2355. the&p broke through the high end of its recent trading range, gaining more than 17 points. bermuda dodged a direct hit from hurricane igor. the category 1 hurricane brushed by the popular island overnight. high winds and driving rains knocked down trees and power lines. low lying areas flood. there are no serious injuries reported. two-thirds of the population are without power. police are asking resints to stay off the roads as emergen crews repaired the damage. igor is now headed toward newfoundland where a tropical storm warning has bn issued. will seeing -- there is some talk now about lisa. >> meteorologist veronica johnson joins us live from the
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storm center with more on that storm. veronica? >> thanks a lot. we're quily moving through that list of atlantic names. you're right. there could be lisa. it is very close, i think, to being named. we've got ir swarming several hundred miles off the coast of del snell new jersey right now. then julia right behind it. it could be lisa coming off the coast of africa there. days away fro doing anything. i'm happy that there has been no big storms to make landfall in the united ates. our skies here are clear, and s, it was a cool night but temperature will be even lower. even cooler during this overnight here. take a look at takomapark. you folks around clinton and hyattsville now. la plata south at 78. warrenton at 79 degrees and silver spring now at 79 also. clear skies. we've got a northerly wind and some very dry air that's or us right now. dry air, windy conditions and dry brush. we have enhanced fire danger for
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today. likely to continue until we get somerain. 65 degrees by 9:00 p.m. with a clear sky. 61 by 11:00 p.m. with that clear sky, the moon almost a full moon will not be the only bright thing in the night sky. we've gotten jupiter to talk about. very bright and very close to us, too. some summer heat coming up. 90s could be rerning. you'll want to see the forecast-day forecast coming up. and we'll take a look at when we could get a little rain around here. >> veronica, thank you. redskins fans are still reeling on this monday from yesterday's tough loss to houston. the game featured about a thousand yards of offense between the two teams. the skins were up by 17 at one point. the texans tied it up to send it into o.t. redskins kicker graham had a chance to win with it a 52-yard field goal attem.
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on his second try, he missed right. the texans got the ball back and nailed their ownfield goal to win. redskins coach mike shanahan said the team will do better next time. >> the bottom li, what do you is you go back and look at the film today like we just finished. we're going to walk through it and then it's over. then you get, head another direction and get ready for st. lou. >> coming up at 5:00, lindsay czarniak talks about what key player is asking for after the first loss of the season. it hurt. it was ours to lose. >> kind of hard to watch the overtime. >> yeah. >> i was sitting in front of the tv ding this. >> did you see shanahan's eyes? boy, just fire in them. >> disappointing. when news4 at 4:00 continues, a high school is in shock today after a star player
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collapses on the football field. what his mother said led to his death. >> we have a fish story this afternoon. is genetically modifiedalmon okay to eat? >> kick our your kick stand. there is a new way to get around washington.
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a southeast texas community is struggling after the loss of star high school football player. reggie garrett of west orange had just thrown a touchdown pass. he was walk to the sidelines when he collapsed. paramedics believe he suffered a massive seizure. the 17-year-old had a history of minor attacks in his younger years but his mother that a recent eck-up showed cause for concern. >> he had a physical last year, this year with hisoctor here in orange. no signs of any health conditions whatsoever. >> he was reported in excellent condition. he never showed any sign of a health problem. they were just out of the blue. it shocked everybody. >> the school canceled this week'same so players and coaches could mourn their loss.
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kidsho play sports in d.c. may have to sit out a little longer if they suffer a concussion while playing. this week phil mendels will require children to be examined by a professional if there is concern they did in fact suffer a concussion. the dheet only return to play if examined by a licensed health care provider. similar laws have been pass in the other states. a new study finds a possible link between a common childhood virus and obesity. adeno virus affects stem cells in the country, turning the cells into fat. the researchers with the univeity of california at san diego studied more than 100 children them und 15% of them had this virus and the majority of the kids were obese. within that group of obese children, those with an a.d. infection weighed an average 35 pounds or more than obese
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children who did not have the infection. childhood obesity is increasing at a rapid rate. the centers for disease control reports obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. with help from the how-to website monkey, a fitness expert has a little advice how to turn a child's fitnes routine upside down. >> everybody likes to be upside down. especily kids. if we can have them work outing in something they have fun with, they won't realize that they are also getting a good workout and getting fitter as they do it. she will put her hands on the floor and her head soher head and her hands make a tri-angle. there is not a lot of pressure on her neck. she's going to take one leg and up. i'm going to bring it to the top. then she gets the idea. i slide my hands up to her legs. so now i can put her body into a straightposition. so she wantsto keep her feet
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together. once we get establhed, w can start doing some actities upside down which will help build her body strength. notice i have my knee in the middle of her back to help stabilize her. we'll go to the side. she can stop halfway or if she is a little bit stronger, e can tap to the floor and come back up. as she gets stronger, i'm going to bring my hands down closer to her hips. she has to do more ofhe work. so i'm going to put my hands again right at the waist. other hand on the side so she can gently proceed forward and come right back up again, she gets stronger, hands on the hips. make her the work. in order to get the child down to the ground safely, the hand goes on the waist and then on the side so you can slowly lower her down. then she comes back up. three different exercises you can do, the head stand, the straddle and the pike, so the
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child has to work all the muscles in conjunction with the other. >> and she looks like she had fun doing those exercises. to see those again, visit our home page. and search fitness. getting around the washingto area just got a bit easier. the capital bike share program kicked off. today it is an extension of the smart bike program. now riders can rent bicycles for short trips throughout the district and at various locations in arlington. >> we just see it as a continuationof our bike sharing system except for having ten stations with 120 bikes. we've extended tit 100 stations in d.c. and 15 more, or 14 more in arlington. and over 1,000 bikes. >> the capital bike share progrm is the largest of its kind in the country. it costs $50 for one year's membership to get a bike whenever you would like. or you can get 24-hour rentals
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starting at just $5. what a weekend. they were all out this weekend. >> good deal. a good way to get around. >> ashley is behind the wheel, four wheels on a monday ride home. hi, ash. >> this afternoon, goodness. let's jump right in. this is cital beltway pace at the american legion bridge. the outer loop is already jammed up leaving 270 toward tyson. we have some midday road work crews at both the inchanges by 56 and 50 and then by little river. on 95, no big problems to report. clean bill of health to start you off. we did have an earlier accident that was just cleard. it was down by dale city involving an overturned vehicle. that has been cleared and delays out of wood bridge. no big trouble spots on 95 this afternoon. pretty nice out there actually. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you. coming up, from the computer
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reeno the big screen. the story of facebook goes to the movies. the controversy behind the creation of the social networking site. and paris hilton's move tt she hopes will keep her out of jail. think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming ourives. now imagine the ssibilities of what tomorrow could bring. of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we supporthe fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the
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internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t.
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a really nice da today but summer isn't done. >> we thought these 90s -- >> we were hoping. >> yesterday, phoenix, arizona, got to 111 degrees. denver, 96. guess where the heat is going? now it won be that hot. we are going to be around 90 degrees coming up for a few days. the fir day of fall on wednesday. a little heat coming our way. 80 degrees, the current tempature. it is dry. dry air. tha takes down the heat index and we've had a nice breeze out there, too. a north northwesterly breeze. here's a look at the recast. the temperatures will be a bit lower, cooler by tomorrow morning. 61 at 11:00 p.m. clear skies and the near full
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moon. 53 by 5:00 a.m. the outlying suburbs down to about 45. 46 degrees. and as they said earlier, we've got hurricane igor is headed to the norh, pulling away from the east coast more. you've got julia and lisa right there west of the cape verde islands. we'll be watching that. making our way through the list, lisa. not on this list, thomas, virginia a walter. a very busy scene for the atlanta. you can see the clouds. there igor moving away up around new england. the clouds skirti around maine. the cold front thugh the area. we've got high pressure moving in and we'll have some dry conditions until we get to about mid-week, thursday. could have a little shower coming through the area. look at the heat here. 98 degrees. right now in memphis, tennessee. 95 degrees in atlanta. some folks down thereand tey have been complaining. the big ridge of high pressure continues for wednesday, thursday and friday. not going to be near the record.
4:24 pm
our record for wednesday is 98 degrees. very unusual for this time of year, so late in september. the's the cold front that could by the time we get to thursday, bring a brief shower to the area. quite pleasant. we'll go from 73 to 63 degrees. clear skies and again, a very nice overnight period which will mean great viewing for jupiter. i'll be talking more about that coming up. jackets optional. it will be a little on the nippy side. 47 degrees in some of the outlying neighborhoods. then tomorrow, 83 the high. it will be sunshine, seasonable nice. and hopefully we'll get some nice rain by thursday. we'll take a look at that extended forecast, too. >> we're getting a little of everything. >> a little of ths, a little of that. the highly anticipated political mystery. >> a big night. the event is a twistg turning drama that follows a cole
4:25 pm
whose islan getaway goes horribly wrong. the couple gets sucked into a global conspiracy that sets them on a collision course with the president of the united states. >> blair underwood plays the role of president and says althrow the event a political thrill we are a whole lot of ience fiction. when it come to the set, they're trying to keep everything as true to life as possible. this is so funny. we shot in here two week ago. this was designed to look just like the oval office. until they redecorated two weeks ago. so now it's a little bit fferent. different rugs, different walls, upholstery is different. >> you can catch all the action tonight. try to figure out what the event is. it is all underway. 9:00 right here on nbc. the trailers look very exciting. >> it looks interestin still to come, should consumers be allowed to buy genetically engineered fish at the market? we'll weigh the pluses and
4:26 pm
nuses. plus, why you'd better start thinking about your holiday travel plans now. waiting on to book might cost you. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] giving up cigarettes can take more than willpower ane. but today's a new day. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor
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about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time. welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jimhandly. a law student from our area isighting for her life after she was struck by a car. police tell us natasha petigrew was riding her bicycle yesterday whenary suv struck her. investigators tell us the driver did not realize she had hit a persn. she has not been charged. police areinvestigating another robbery and assault near the university of maryland campus. the attack happened early yesterday in the parking lot of the college park shopping
4:30 pm
center. it is the sixth similar attack since the beginning of august. a southern texas community is mourning the loss of a star high school football player. 17-year-old reggie garrett had just thrown a touchdown pass when paramedics say he suffered a massive seizure. e teen had minor attacks years before but recent physical check-ups showed no cause for concern about his health. many of us eat genetically modified fruits and vegetables every day. what about the animals that have had their dna altered? scientists have found a way to make salmon grow faster by tweaking the fish's genetic material. the fda is close to making a decision on whether this salmon is okay for us to eat. chris clackum has our report. >> reporter: u.s. demand for salmon is as strong as ever because the crdiovascular and neurological benefits of eating the fish have been proven. now a massachusetts company aqua bounty says kit genetically
4:31 pm
engineer salmon to grow faster by injecting it with a hormone. >> w do not believe this solves all of the world's problems in food security. but we do believe this is an example of the application of a technology that can address many of those problems and can do so sustainbly. the generalally engineered salmon reaches maturity in 16o 18 months, rather than the normal 30 months. as opposed to ill porting salmon from around the world, it says this fish can be raised domestically. >> we c have a sustainable source of high quality seafood protein closer to populations and inessence, fresh fish closer to the cities where the fish are consume. >> reporter: but allowing human consumption of franken fish as critics call them is opposed by those who fear what's next? >> today it's a fish we're talking out. very soon it will be a
4:32 pm
genetically engineered pig, a chicken, even god forbid, our beloved cows. >> reporter: if approved it would be the first genetically modified animal permitted by the food and drug administration which wrapped up a two-day hearing monday and has already said no harm can come from consuming this fish. chris clackum, nbc news. >> the fda's final decision on the salmon isn't expected for seral week. fewer people died from accidents involving distracted drivers last year. the transportation department reported 5474 people were killed in nksz 2009 that involved ditracted driving. that's down 6%. distracted driving accounted for 16% of all traffic deaths in 2009. transportation secretary ray lahood said it is still an epidemic. tomorrow he will kick off a second summit on distracted driving.
4:33 pm
another portion of the fairfax county parkway is now officially open a day ahead of schedule. the segmen between rolling road and i-95 opened at 5:00 this morning. the northbound lanes in that area opened onsaturday. but now all lanes are open. rolling road will now be closed from ridgefield road to chancellor way for the next year while crews build an overpass for the park way. be prepared for longer delays at tyson's corners. the busiest intersection is a new traffic pattern. crewslosed another ramp at the intersection. it is part of the dulles corridor metro rail project. the new exit from route 1 twlee divert traffic to the frontage road south of international drive. from, there you can access route 7. the new pattern will remain in effect until the end of the year. there is more to come on news4 at 4:00. paris hilton goes to court on cocaine possession charge. find out how she gets out of
4:34 pm
jail time. and the signature store for a huge foot wear company forced to close over bed bugs. ♪
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royal caribbean international. visit today. at least four houses have been destroying by a fast moving while fire. more than 1,200 home are under mandatory evac weighing as went hundred firefighters battle the blaze. the fire started sound a machine gun range at camp williams during a national guard training session. officials are trying to determine exactly how it started. turning now to the weather. >> they always go together. exactly. >> the pollen count is not too bad. moderate and rag weed is what come along this time of year mid september. i do think with the high temperatures, we' see that
4:38 pm
count really increase. we're talking about the heat coming for the first day of fall. the temperature will be some 10 to 15 degrees above average for wednesday, for thursday and for friday. the weed pollen, 15 per cubic meter. running at moderate today and likely to increase. beautiful sky across the area. the should be no problem seeing that planet in the night sky. which one? normally we talk about venus being so bright. this time it's jupiter and it is really going to be bright because it will be close to us. closer than usual. 47 million miles closer than previous encounters, in fact. it won't get thi close again until 2022, the year. how about that. look for it in the eastern sky at twilight and in the weern sky during dawn. >> we don't need a telescope? >> no. not at all. the only thing will be brighter is the moon. and jupiter has a bunch of moon, too. not that close. we won'tsee those, are we?
4:39 pm
>> we are having a science cass here. >> the temperatures out there, we're at 80 degrees. by tomorrow morning, a little nippy, too. 53 to 55 starting out here. 40s in some othe outlying areas. frederick, probably 49 to 50. then the high tomorrow yoork degrees. then 92 for wednesday. close to 90 on thursday. could get a little rain moving through with the north easterly winds. 90s on friday. then we back off the heat for the weekend. 8 to 70s. maybe more rain coming. >> okay. >> long term memory. >> thanks. when news4 at 4:00 continues, the oil well isead in the water. finally. but the impact from the gulf oil spill is not over. we'll find out what is ahead now that a milestone has been reached. and google makes it tougher for hackers to get into your private stuff. [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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the world's largest retailer is trying to get greener. walmart announced it is trying to use solar power in more stores. rightnow 30 walmart stores use solar power to some degree. the retailer is trying to expand solar power to 20 or more locations. wall administrate has 8,400 stores worldwide and is one of the biggest electricity users in the u.s. >> along the gulf coast residents are starting the first week of knowledge that the oil well is permanently plugged. >> for many, it's business as usual which right now is not a good thing. jay gray reports from new orleans. >> reporter: the well is permanently sealed inhe gulf. the work continues. we have way, way away from being finished up, cleaned up. whatever they want to call it. it wll be a long term battle. >>eporter: theris evidence of that fight in the marshes of
4:44 pm
plaqueman's perish. >> a lot of oil there. >> reporter: crippling his charter fishing business. >> we canceled $421,000 worth of trips. i'm down 94% yeato date. >> it's even worse. for this oyster bar, an institution for years, the restaurant is now closing its best. >> the tax are due. athe end of the month, the abc board wants me to buy a new license. i've got to gouy a new license. >> reporter: a struggle that businesses all along the gulf coast contue to deal with even though the well is now closed forever. jay gray, news4. experts say the impact of the spill will be felt by gulf coast residents for years to come and for now, a moratorium
4:45 pm
on deep water drilling by the ama administration remains in place. it is set to expire november 30th. coming up on news4 just over three months until criminal, can you believe that? have you booked your holiday travel flights yet? find out why you might want to do that really quickly. newtonight, demonstrators chain themselves to a fence outside the white house today. find out what they're demanding. plus the battle over illegal immigration heads to a maryland mall. the redskins fans are seeing red this monday after taking the lead. the team left the texans take away a win. what fans are saying about
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lindsay lohan's failed drug test has landed her in court
4:49 pm
again. her probation has been revoked. she has been in and out of rehab has to show up in court this coming friday or she will be arrested again. the judge has threatened lohan with 30 days in jail forach probation violation. is reporting that she tested positive for cocaine and amphetamines. over the summer she served 13 days in jail for a pair of drunk driving cases. paris hilton admitted she was carrying cocaine in her purse when she was arrested last month in las vegas. the 29-year-old celebrity heiress plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges in court today under a plea deal, she will have to serve a year of probation to avoid a felony charge. hilton has to complete a drug abuse program, pay a 2,000 fine, and serve 200 hours of community service. if she violates her probation, hilton could face up to a year behind bars. if you're planning to fly off to grandma's house this year, better get ready for soaring airline fees.
4:50 pm
this year there are plenty of peak travelays between thanksgiving and new years and the airline have noticed. many airlines are adding on new knees. but federal regulators are watching as tse added fees contribute to high ticket prices. >> for the first time in a decade, the secretary of transportation is looking at anging regulations about what the airlines have t tell us when we're buying airline tickets. no federal actions expected before the holiday so yr best entity to go online and look for an airlines peak travel chart. then try to avoid flying on those days. and book early. october is the latest you're likely to find bargain fares for the holidays. >> hard to believe we're talking about the holidays already. still ahead on news4 at 4:00, the world's most popular social networking site. now its controversial beginning is the subjec of a brand new movie. and what's bugging nike?
4:51 pm
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a popular shoe store in new york city is shut down because of bed bugs. nike temporarily closed i flagship store after bed bugs were discovered. the company says it is working exterminators to fix the problem and hope to reopen soon. new york city has had a growing bed bug problem that closed several other stores. google is making it tougher for hackers to break into e-mail accounts and other password protected services. starting today, government agencies, companies and schools that use google will have to use
4:55 pm
a two-step log-in process. users will be asked to type in a six-digit code after entering their google password. the code is then sent to a mobile device connected to the user's account. it will expand to all users in the next few months. facebook is going from our comput screens to the big screen next month. and the highly anticipated film call the social network isn't without its shareof controversy. the movie elores allegations that facebook founder mark zuckerberg stole the idea. >> reporter: this social network, hollywood's take on the web's biggest drama. >> 2,200 hits within two hours? >> 22,000. >>eporter: depicting how facebook was founded by then harvard university sophomore mark zuckerberg. the big screen acount is anything but flattering. portraying him as a socially awkward, self-centered computer geek who stole the idea for
4:56 pm
facebook from his friends. as depicted in the film, it paid off big. >> a million dollars is not cool. do you know what's ol? a billion dollars. >> reporter: making the college drop-out one of the world's richest people worth an estimated $4 billion. it didn't come without a cause. his former classmates, identical twins, sued him in 2004 saying they hired the computer prodigy for help with their social networking site months before facebook launched but ckerberg decideto steal their ideas and the business plan and to launch his own website. >> wait a second. isn't this the exact project we were working on? and isn't this the exact person that we were working on it with? >> rorter: the twins, olympic rowers now getting mbas from prestigious oxford university in england, settled the case for a reported$65 million. part of it in facebook stock. but now they want the settlement
4:57 pm
vacate claiming they were misled about the company's value. facebook tells nbc news, we've considered it closed for years and we wish them well in their future endeavours. still, the film is the latest in an onslaught of bad pr. it clls the social network the movie facebook doesn't want you to see. last year there were a public outcry when they changedhe privacy settings and it allegedly shows him mocking his users for submitting personal information, saying they trust me and then calling them dumb. so far, the bad press hasn't kept users from the site which means this social network -- >> this is our time! >> reporter: probably won't keep from this one. >> the social network hits theaters october 1. that does it for news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now.
4:58 pm
a devry university student is discovered slumped inside a car in southeast washington. by the time authorities get there and get her to t hospital, she is dead. tonight investigators are searching for her killer. good evening, every one. welcome to news4 at 5:00. >> wendy regieris off tonight. she was murdered after leaving a nightclub over the weekend. she was last seen with a male companion. pat collins is live outside the d.c. police homicide unit headquarters with theatest developments in the case. pat? >> reporter: it seem like she was doing everything right. she had a job. she was going to school to get an advanced degree. she was ling at home. and then she goes out one night to have some fun and party with
4:59 pm
her friends and she ends up dead. ashley mccrae. 21 years old. murdered over the weekend in far southeast. >> she didn't have enemies. she is pretty. i just don'tnow why. >> reporter: ashley mccrae. she worked at commander salamander's boutique. friends and co-worker will meyers. she was a good person. she didn't deserve to die like that. you know? i mean, i remember it was friday. we were all here. she was talking about going out, having fun shelf couldn't wait. she was real excited about it >> reporter: 48 night. ashley left commander salamander's around 9:00 p.m. she went to her home in columbia heights, changed her clothes and around 11:00, she went to a friend's birthday party at the nightclub in northeast. they say she was there

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